1 - The Shooting Arms

The Medieval Archery from Đại-Việt





       At the time called «Spring and Autumn Period - 春 秋 時 代» (722-481 BC), the Ancients had already Six Trades of Arts (Lục Nghệ) :

       1. The Rites» ( Lễ),
       2. The Music (Nhạc),
       3. The Archery (Xạ),
       4. The Horse Riding and Chariot Driving (Ngự),
       5. The Writing and the Literature (Thư),
       6. The Mathematics (Số). 

       Thus, the two trades « Xạ - Archery » and « Ngự - Horse Riding and Chariot Driving » had existed before the Military Trade. And the Bow was quoted first among Medieval Weapons from « Eighteen Sections of Martial Arts ».

       In addition, the Military Profession has been deeply influenced by these two trades « Xạ - Archery » and « Ngự - Horse Riding ».
       This is precisely for this reason that in Martial Arts Postures Techniques from Great Martial Arts School System in Việt-Nam, three foundamental Postures have been called :
       1. Horseman Posture = Mã Bộ Tấn (馬 步 迅) - now named Trung-Bình-Tấn (中 平 迅) = Medium Posture - called Kiba Dachi - Kị-Mã Tấn 騎 馬 迅 by Japaneses ;
       2. Bow and Arrow Posture = Cung-Tiễn Tấn (弓 箭) - now named Đinh-Tấn (丁 = T Posture) ;
       3. Hoof Horse Posture = Chảo-Mã Tấn (爪 ) - now always named Chảo-Mã Tấn (爪 ) ;
       And also it exists, in various Coded Poems from Codified Sequences, expressions as :
       -. To Get on one's Horse and to Shoot with the Bow = Thượng-Mã Khai Cung ;
       -. Getting on one's Horse, the General bears his Seal = Thượng-Mã Tướng-Quân Thác Ấn ;
       -. To Shoot with the Bow for earning the Promised Field = Thần-Cung Xạ Hứa-Điền ;
       -. Etc...




       A – The Bow and the Arrow - Research on Bow and Arrow

       B – The Famous Bows - Discussion about Four Bows of Tây-Sơn

       C – The Pedestrian Archery - On Foot Shooting

       D – The Equestrian Archery - On Horseback Shooting





Committee of
Martial Arts Masters
Bình-Định Sa-Long-Cương

TRỊNH Quang Thắng.












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