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A - Synoptic of the Armour's Evolution



       Throughout the ups and downs of History, so much material proof and documents were lost. As the History of Đại-Việt and the Culture of Đậi-Việt were intimately linked to those of China, by consequent, studies on armours can refer to historical facts of the Middle Empire.

       - At the time of Tùy (Sui - 581-618), Brightened-Armour (Minh-Quang-Khải) was used as principal armour.

       - At the time of Đường (Tang - 618-907), 13 kinds of different armours were used, from which 6 were made of iron as the Brightened-Armour and the Armour with Scales in « Character  Mountain shape » ( Sơn-Văn-Giáp), while the 7 others were made of leather.  Fabric Armours and Silk-Armours was also used.
       - At the time of Five Dynasties (Ngũ-Đại - 907-960), Helmets and Armours were not too different from those of Đường (Tang - 618-907) : some which concern the architecture of Helmets and the Scales shape, it was only very little modified.

       - At the time of Tống (Song - 960-1279), Armours kept always the structure of those from the period of Five Dynasties but metal scales was more perfected.

       - At the time of Liêu (Liao - 916-1125), Armours were also semblables to those from the period of Five Dynasties.

       - At the time of Kim (Jin - 1115-1234), after having taken over the kingdom of Bắc-Tống (Northern-Song), the Armours were more developed.

       - At the time of Mongols Nguyên (Yuan - 1271-1368), Armours were perfected thanks to influences of Armours from kingdom of Kim (Jin - 1115-1234) and the one of Tống (Song - 960-1279) that Mongols had conquered.

       - At the time of Minh (Ming - 1368-1644), Armours were the most perfected.  The combatants worn the Great Manteau d’Armes and the « Armours made with scales in « Character Mountain shape » (Sơn-Văn-Giáp).

       - At the time of Thanh (Qing) (1644-1912), in first times, Armours drew one's inspiration from Ming's Armours, but later became obsolete because of firearms and only Fabric Armours and Silk-Armours survived.



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       A - Synoptic of the Armour's Evolution

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